About La Corte Bistro


La Corte Bistro came to be from the very simple thought process that the partners love Florida and fine dining, so why not have their next logical life’s adventure be to open-up one the finest, upscale-dining establishments in all of Downtown Cape Coral. The decision about the precise location was most definitely the easiest one made thus far, the partners reside right here in beautiful Cape Coral. We have spent a great deal of time and money bringing the courtyard back to its full potential, complete with comfy decorative fireplace seating and bubbling center fountain. This, in addition to the beautiful front terrace where one can sit comfortably while enjoying some of the areas’ finest cuisine, expertly prepared by La Corte’s Chef, Nicholas Elmer. All while basking under the Cape’s breathtaking night sky and listening to both local and national touring musicians play their hearts out on the outdoor entertainment stage.

Now while the outstanding food is most definitely part of any new restaurant’s master plan for success, of equal importance is the overall design and atmosphere of where this delectable is served. This is precisely where Mrs. Sabrina Fontanili comes in. Fontanili is an internationally recognized architect and interior designer whom has created interior masterpieces all over the globe in countries such as; Turkey, Russia, Italy and now in the good-old USA. Fontanili has brought her fine art of design here to the states and bestowed it upon La Corte Bistro. Her funky-shabby chic styles reign supreme throughout all the eclectically different-styled rooms comprising La Corte. You can experience some of Fontanili’ s free hand designed walls throughout the dining rooms. Fontanili has said that her ideal design for La Corte will not only offer up a certain formality if you will, but will do this all while revealing a truly fun and energetic atmosphere.

Cuisine and Environment, as well as Entertainment and Service

La Corte, which means Courtyard in Italian, is sure to be a dining destination for everyone in and around Cape Coral. Farm-to-Table style dishes, expertly prepared by Chef Elmer and his crew are the talk of the town. Sitting by the decorative fireplace, or dining on the beautiful front terrace while listening to some fine music, or relaxing and dining in one of the supremely-designed rooms of La Corte Bistro should absolutely be at the very top of everyone’s “To-Do” lists. La Corte’s owners’, top priority is to deliver outstanding service, world-renowned food, expertly-prepared cocktails all in a warm and inviting atmosphere, and they will settle for nothing less for their guests. Reservations are recommended especially for parties of 6 or more, but with a 200 guest capacity; getting a table at La Corte is usually a stress-free experience. It is a mixture of pleasure and well-being, from culture and cuisine, which makes the unique character of the restaurant on Lafayette Street in Cape Coral. For decades, it has been a meeting place as it was the former brew babies. Noblesse oblige!


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Private Rooms / Areas

8 rooms and areas – each one uniquely different. Perfect for those who invite guests and would like to spend an undisturbed time with them. With our private rooms, we have created space for private or business events. Because no event is like the other, no room is like the other.

Parties, events, business luncheons and meetings are all welcomed, and with the beautiful grounds your guests will certainly be impressed. With on-site parking, there will never be the need to walk any farther than from the car to the arched cobblestone walkway here at La Corte.


Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or a business event, we are at your service as your experienced contact for all types of celebrations. If you would like to celebrate in a smaller setting (up to 2 to 200 persons), we would like to welcome you to LaCorte. For larger events, even outside the restaurant, our party service is there for you.

With great attention to detail, we will be happy to take care of the entire management of your event – from invitations and guest gifts to decorations, table and menu cards, music, photographers and technology. We advise you in detail in advance and show you how we fulfill your wishes – even if they are not so common.

Our Chef and his team can also provide private cooking service at you home – freshly prepared at your dinner table.