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Brief Background on partnership between La Corte Garden Bistro owners Michael Bodetti, Alex Vitali & Vincent Palmese


     Mr. Michael Bodetti, is a successful former business man who has worked his entire adult life creating start-up companies specializing in global telecommunications, as well as venturing into Real Estate. Bodetti has been friends with Mr. Vincent Palmese for nearly 45 years now. Both men grew up calling NYC home. Palmese has been working in the food service industry for some 40 years and counting. He has both created and ran many successful food service businesses back in his home town of NYC, as well as up and down the east coast of Florida, finally settling down in Naples, FL. Bodetti and Palmese became friends with Alex Vitali over the last two years and they all hit is off as a great balance of personalities. When asked what the key strength to this newly-formed partnership as co-owners of La Corte Garden Bistro is, Bodetti conferred that it is indeed the great respect the three have for each other personally, and in their respective positions within the restaurant. Bodetti will be the acting CFO of La Corte Garden Bistro, while Palmese takes on the daunting position of GM and Alex with be the facility manager. This is an amazing property but it is high maintenance and in order for it to keep looking amazing it needs constant attention.

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La Corte Bistro came to be from the very simple thought process that the three men and their wives love Florida and fine dining, so why not have their next logical life’s adventure be to open-up one the finest, upscale-dining establishments in all of Downtown Cape Coral. The decision about the precise location was most definitely the easiest one made thus far, for while Palmese calls Naples home; Bodetti resides right here in beautiful Cape Coral, whereby he and his wife were frequent guests of the former Brew Babies restaurant that has called this particular location of 1520 Lafayette Street, home. Alex was actually part owner of the Brew Babies restaurant which makes for an easy transition. Bodetti remarks that he and his wife’s absolute favorite place to enjoy a romantic evening meal, was in the old restaurant’s majestic courtyard. This is why the three have spent a great deal of time and money bringing the courtyard back to its full potential, complete with comfy decorative fireplace seating and bubbling center fountain. This, in addition to the beautiful front terrace where one can sit comfortably while enjoying some of the areas’ finest cuisine, expertly prepared by La Corte’s Executive Chef; Tim Spain. All while basking under the Cape’s breathtaking night sky and listening to both local and national touring musicians play their hearts out on the outdoor entertainment stage.


Now while the outstanding food is most definitely part of any new restaurant’s master plan for success, of equal importance is the overall design and atmosphere of where this delectable food shall be served. This is precisely where Mrs. Sabrina Fontanili comes in. Fontanili is an internationally recognized architect and interior designer whom has created interior masterpieces all over the globe in countries such as; Turkey, Russia, Italy and now in the good-ol USA. Fontanili has brought her fine art of design here to the states and bestowed it upon La Corte Garden Bistro. Her funky-shabby chic styles reign supreme throughout all the eclectically different-styled rooms comprising La Corte. You can experience some of Fontanili’s free hand designed walls throughout the dining rooms. Fontanili has said that her ideal design for La Corte will not only offer up a certain formality if you will, but will do this all while revealing a truly fun and energetic atmosphere. Fontanili will also act as La Corte’s Event Designer and Party Planner.